Latest Research Paper Published - Journal of Retailing and Consumer Services (Click for Journal Page)

Kumar, A., Paul, J., & Starcevic, S. (2020). Do brands make consumers happy?- A masstige theory perspective. Journal of Retailing and Consumer Services. 58. Elsevier Publication. Impact Factor: 4.22

Responsibility of Guest Editor for Special Issue of Journal of Business Research.(Click to see call on Journal Page)

Glad to share the call for papers as Guest Editor of special issue of Journal of Business Research, ABDC A category, ABS level 3, Impact Factor 4.87 Elsevier journal. The special issue is on Masstige Marketing. Excited to be part of super strong team of four Editor-in-Chiefs as Guest Editors for this issue. Guest editors for this issue include Prof Carolyn Strong (Cardiff Business School, UK & Editor-in-Chief, Journal of Strategic Marketing), Prof Minas Kastanakis (ESCP, London, England & Editor-in-Chief, European Management Journal), Prof Justin Paul (University of Puerto Rico, San Juan, PR, USA & Editor-in-Chief, International Journal of Consumer Studies), Prof Shlomo Y. Tarba (University of Birmingham, UK & Deputy Editor-in-Chief, British Journal of Management; Incoming Co-Editor-In-Chief, British Journal of Management) and myself. Interested scholars may submit their manuscript. Submissions begin 15 April 2021 and closes on 15 June 2021.

Latest Research Paper Published - Journal of Business Research (Click for Journal Page)

Kumar, A., Paul, J., & Unnithan, A. (2020). ‘Masstige’ marketing: A review, synthesis and research agenda. Journal of Business Research. 113(May), 384-398. Elsevier Publication. Impact Factor: 4.87

Latest Research Paper Published - International Business Review (Click for Journal Page)

Kumar, A., & Paul, J. (2018). Mass prestige value and competition between American versus Asian laptop brands in an emerging market-Theory and evidence. International Business Review. 27(5), 969-981. Elsevier Publication. Impact Factor: 3.95

Latest Research Paper Published - Spanish Journal of Marketing (Click for Journal Page)

Kumar, A. (2018). Story of Aaker’s Brand Persoanlity Scale Criticism. Spanish Journal of Marketing. 22(2), 203-230. doi: 10.1108/SJME-03-2018-005. Emerald Publication.

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