Below is list of my noted publications:

Journal of Business Research – Elsevier

Kumar, A., Paul, J., & Unnithan, A. (2020). ‘Masstige’ marketing: A review, synthesis and research agenda. Journal of Business Research. 113(May), 384-398. Elsevier Publication. Impact Factor: 4.87

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International Business Review – Elsevier

Kumar, A., & Paul, J. (2018). Mass prestige value and competition between American versus Asian laptop brands in an emerging market-Theory and evidence. International Business Review. 27(5), 969-981. Elsevier Publication. Impact Factor – 3.95.

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Spanish Journal of Marketing – Emerald

Kumar, A. (2018). Story of Aaker’s Brand Persoanlity Scale Criticism. Spanish Journal of Marketing. 22(2), 203-230. doi: 10.1108/SJME-03-2018-005. Emerald Publication.

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Paradigm – Sage

Kumar, A., & Sharma, R. (2017). Perceived Influential Aspects of Advertising. Paradigm, 21(2), 1-19. doi: 10.1177/0971890717736216. Sage Publication.

Journal of Marketing Analytics –  Springer

Bishnoi, V. K., & Kumar, A (2016). Aaker’s brand personality scale is not universal – Explanation and reasons for bikes in India. Journal of Marketing Analytics, 4(1), 14-27. doi:10.1057/jma.2016.3. Springer Publication.

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