Who I am

My name is Ajay Bhagasra. I am a science graduate with MBA, NET, JRF and PhD. My PhD is in Brand Management, to be specific, on the topic of Brand Personality. Currently I am working for Government of India as Assistant Professor in Department of Management Studies, Central University of Haryana. I have keen interest in exploring the field of marketing and research methodology, specifically consumer behavior and analytical tools. I specially have curious eye for methodological parts of research.

My Story

Born in a small village in Rajasthan, India. I grew up with constant fear of reading to get a job to sponsor life. I completed graduation and MBA to join the industry as Executive in Marketing department in Oxigen Services India. I was doing good but realized that I am not going to match up with my own standards. That’s start of academic career. I started my first academic assignment with J K Business School. There after I have been to NIIT University as Assistant Professor (Taught executive batch of MBA), Central University of Himachal Pradesh as Assistant Professor and Central University of Haryana as Assistant Professor.

IIM Lucknow

With Prof Jagdish Seth

Central University of Himachal Pradesh

With Prof Roshan Lal Raina